The justification for me and others spending over $1000 on the iPhone 8

There is a 100% chance that this fall I will be ordering the rumored “Magical iPhone 8”. Now whether I get it two weeks later or two months later is a different story. It’s about supply and demand and it’s looking to be very unbalanced at start. Some may already be thinking to themselves who the hell would spend that kind of money on an iPhone. Well here’s why.

First off, if you own an iphone 6 or 7 plus you are already spending somewhere around $800-$1000 whether you know it or not. Today a cellular carrier contract will give you a monthly payment plan to pay off the phone. Do the math. if you spend $800 on the phone, your network provider will probably add $35 to your bill each month. Over a 2 year period, 24 • $35 = $840. So buying a more expensive iPhone will only increase your bill from $35 to $45 or so. If you cut your coffee addiction in the morning you can easily use that money towards that new phone.

The next reason I’m getting the new phone is for business/school reasons. Sure, everyone now relies on there iPhone these days, but at this point it’s more of a business experience. Your iPone is your lifeline. I tutor for work. If I did not have my phone I could not contact my clients. I could not give extra help to those in desperate needs for a quick question the night before the big test. I couldn’t rely on any extra resources to guide students through math problems. It is a tool and less of a fun toy to have. If you think about it you would probably agree as well.

Third reason i’m getting the new iPhone is because i’m a geek as well as passionate about design. Most people will look at the iPhone and say “what’s the big deal, it’s just an iPhone”. That might be the norm but people like me appreciate the hard work thousands of engineers went through to get this devices to 10’s of millions of people in such a short period of time. Us geeks only know the nitty gritty things that happens behind the scenes. There is an 800 person team that only works on the iPhone camera, the most used camera in the world. Or how about the thousands of hours spent making sure that their is basically a seamless smooth edge from the front glass to the metal casing so when you hold the iPhone in your hand it feels like it is only one continuous object. Or maybe its the design of taptic engine so that it causes your iPhone to vibrate such a way so when you mute the phone it feels like the phone is shaking its head and telling you “ i’m going to shut up”. If you open the clock app and spin the dial to change the timer it will make it feel like the wheel is actually spinning in your hand. If you force press the key board to change it to a mouse so you can move the cursor it gives you a small tap on your finger to indicate that you went to the cursor mode. When you force press on an object like on the flash light button on the control center it will feel like you actually clicked a button. Or maybe the perfect symmetry of the screws on either side of the lightning port. Or it could be the robots that Apple designed themselves to build the iPhone that nobody will get to see but are designed to look beautiful themselves. It could be as geeky as that Apple designed there own chips so that the software will benefit from the hardware and the hardware is optimized for the software. For me it definitely about the . Probably 60 percent of the time i’m on my phone i’m not doing any task, i’m just playing with the software and enjoying the magic of the software. I can go on and on but you get the point. Apple goes through every little detail that makes the iPhone the iPhone. It’s a pice of art and who wouldn’t want to have the best art pice there ever was.



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