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Apple in 2015 and beyond!

Well this jam-packed year for Apple is over. There has been so many products and services that came out that I’m blown away. Some services/products were hits and some were not. Here is a list of what Apple has done this year.


New MacBook

Apple Watch

MacBook pro updates

MacBook air updates

iPod touch 6

New colors for iPod nano an iPod shuffle

New iMac retina

New Magic Mouse 2

New magic keyboard

New Magic Trackpad 2

New Apple TV

New iPhone 6S and/6S plus

New iPad mini 4

New iPad Pro

The Apple pencil

The Smart Keyboard

New fall color Apple Watch bands

Apple Watch Herme`s

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case

Software and services


Swift programming language 2.0 and open source

iOS 9

OS X El Capitan

WatchOS 2



New photos app for OS X

New iPhone trade-in program


As you can see there has been so much stuff Apple has ben doing this past year and now it’s over. What will 2016 and beyond give. Well her is a list of things predicted for the future…

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

New version of the MacBook

Watch 2

iPad Air 3

TV 5th generation

iPad Pro 2

iOS 10

OSX 10.12

watch OS 3


More Music Radio stations with Beats 2, Beats 3, ext..


My dreams and wishes for Apple for next year and beyond…

New versions of iWork

More Health Kit and Research Kit

New Version of iBooks Author

Siri for the Mac

More HomeKit services

Complete overhaul of the App Store

Podcast App for TV, Mac and Watch


I just wanted to show just how busy Apple has been lately as a list form. so her it is and I have to imagine if I missed a few things.

 Watch feature of the day

Sky Guide App
Ok this one is my type of an app. Ever wishes you could just be simply be notified when an astronomical event is just about to happen where you are. will sky guide is going to take care of you. When the ISS is going to be visible and going to pass above you, your  Watch will tap you to let you know that you should see it if you look up. You can also get a calendar of different events that are coming up.

 Watch feature of the day

SPG App. Its going to start with the SPG hotel chain but I can imagine that most hotels will adapt to this new way of customer service. This is how getting a hotel should work!  If you have the SPG app on your iPhone you can reverse a room right from the app. As you walk into the hotel your   Watch will tap your wrist to ask if you want to check in. With one tap on the watch you check in and then it will show your the room number. Once you find your room all you have to do is wave your wrist near the door handle and the room will unlock and thats it. There is no need to walk up to the front desk and ask to be checked-in and be given a room key. All of this is done with just one tap on the wrist as you walk in. Another cool feature is that if you love the hotel to go for a walk around the town and you get lost the SPG app on the watch will give you walking directions back to the hotel. The future is here!

 Watch feature of the day

BMW i remote App. Ok not e everyone has a BMW i but again this just shows you where this technology is going. If you did own a that car you can check the status of your car. You can lock the doors, and get alerts when it’s time for a service. 

The potential is that your Watch will be the key to your car some day. When you walk up to the car, it will unlock and start up remotely. As you leave the car it will lock up automatically

 Watch feature of the day

Im going to change things up and describe some of the apps that are going to be available day one for Watch. Lets start with the Target App. This Shows the true potential of Watch. With the Target app if you give them your shopping list, something magical will happen when you go to the store. As you walk down the aisles of target you will be taped on the wrist. The Target app on your wrist will let you know that one of the items on your shopping list is on your left. It will also let you know where the next item on your wrist is located and will direct you to it. So basically the watch turns into your personal guid when shopping. Imagine taking this technology to a grocery store. Your shopping time will be cut in half!

 Watch feature of the day. 

Weather App. The Watch will have a weather app. There’s not much to say other than you can check the weather at a glance. The unique part of this app is the layout. Most weather apps are designed based on a scrolling list of days or hours. The Watch weather app UI is based on a clock. At each hour position lays an icon that depicts the weather for that hour of the day.