 Watch feature of the day. 

Weather App. The Watch will have a weather app. There’s not much to say other than you can check the weather at a glance. The unique part of this app is the layout. Most weather apps are designed based on a scrolling list of days or hours. The Watch weather app UI is based on a clock. At each hour position lays an icon that depicts the weather for that hour of the day. 



 Watch feature of the day. 

Remote App. The Watch will have a apple TV remote app built right in. This means that you can control your Apple TV via your watch. You can swipe around the UI or you can scroll through lists right from your wrist.

 Watch feature of the day

Hey Siri are you there? Yes Siri is built into  Watch and Im going to tell you why she is going to me more adopted because of this move. One reason people don’t use Siri on a daily basses is due to the awkwardness of puling out your iPhone in public, holding down the home button until you hear a loud beep that everyone around you can hear and then the pain comes when Siri comes back with an answer and she just speaks out loud what you want from her. It would be probably more appropriate if Siri was silent and you just saw on screen the information she gathered for you. Well   Watch is going to fix this. First of all if you want Siri you just need to raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” followed by your command. No beeping sounds. Then once she gets the info you are looking for it will just show up on the screen. 

I belive siri is going to be more useful since she will live in your wrist and not on the iPhone. For example you are cooking something and you need to set a timer but your hands are durtty and you don’t want to touch your iPhone, so you can just say “Hey Siri set a timer for 45 minuets” and it will be set. Or those times when you have your hands full and there is something you need to just down before it forget, just say ”hey Siri remind me to do xxx “. 


 Watch feature of the day. 

              Two words, Pay (ok 1 word and 1 logo)! Yes the  Watch will include Pay built right in. Instead of having to pull out your iPhone to make a mobil payment, you now can just double press the side button on the watch and move your wrist towards the cash register and you are done! How apple thought about security for this is genius! In the morning when you first put on  Watch you will be asked to put in a security code. This will allow Pay to be active. The question you are asking is what if someone steals my watch. Well the solution is very simple, your heartbeat! As soon as you put Watch on it begins to measure your pulse rate. If you takeoff the watch it will know that you did so and it will inmeditly turn off Pay. The best part of this is that you don’t need to have an iPhone 6 or 6 plus which includes the Secure Eclave to protect your finical data and the NFC chip to transfer the transaction. Both parts that make up Pay on the newer iPhones are built right into  Watch. This means that people that own and iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S will immediately have the capability to pay for things with Pay. 

 Watch feature of the day

 Watch has a maps app. The cool part of this app is that it will tie directly to the Taptic Engine(custom vibrator motor that feels like someone is taping you on the wrist). This means that if you get walking directions to somewhere, instead of the watch speaking out directions to you to turn left or right, It will instead tap your wrist. There will be two distinct taps, one for turning left and one for turning right. As you walk down the street the watch will gently tap your wrist to let you know when its time to turn left or right. This is going to be awesome for the blind!

 Watch feature of the day

  Watch has a camera remote app. This means you can set up your iPhone on a tripod and be part of that family picture. You can remotely take a picture by just taping your watch. But that’s not all. You will also get a live viewfinder as well. So you can actually see what your iPhone sees before you take the shot! 

 Watch feature of the day.

Every day until the  Watch arrives I will be letting you know one cool feature that it can do for you.
Today lets talk about phone calls. In pitcicluarly asking siri to make a phone call. I use this feature all the time on my iPhone. What you do is grab your phone out of your pocket, hold down the home button to activate Siri, say to her “Call my mom” or whoever you want and then wait for the phone call to activate. But  Watch will make this even better. Now you will be able to just rase your wrist, say “Hey Siri call my mom” and then the phone call will begin on your wrist. If you don’t want to look like Dick Tracy and have a conversation through your  Watch you then just have to grab you iPhone out of your pocket and Apple watch will seminally transfer the call to the iPhone. No need to unlock your iPhone or open the phone app.